Board of Directors

The Chávez/Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy Board of Directors governs and guides the school in accordance with the school bylaws that are a part of the charter contract with the Pueblo City Schools.  The Board sets policies in order to support and maintain the school’s mission, goals, and educational philosophy.
The Board of Directors is comprised of seven elected (voting) members who are parents of CHPA students, community members, three non-voting faculty representatives from CCA, ECMS, and DHPH, one non-voting K-12 student representative from the senior class, and two representatives from higher education (CSU-Pueblo & PCC).  The President Chief Executive Officer serves as the day-to-day, on-site leadership for our faculty, staff, students, and parents.
Voting members are appointed to three year terms or fill vacancies upon a majority vote of the regular voting members of the Board of Directors. After serving three years, board members may opt to serve an additional three years. After serving six years total, board members must step down, but may apply to return to the board after one year of absence. The Board works with and for all of the members of the Chávez/Huerta K-12 Preparatory Academy community. Board meetings are held once per month and are open to the public.

Next Meeting:

June 2024
The Board welcomes public comment from community members, CHPA faculty and staff, and students who wish to address the Board. The public forum takes place during the Board’s Open Session. If an individual has any concerns or issues, the individual is encouraged to first address those concerns or issues with individuals directly involved or with the Executive Director before coming to the Board meeting.
Those who wish to address the Board must sign up with the Executive Assistant the day of the Board meeting. (Email: Public Comment cards will be available and must be completed prior to the start of Open Session.  Comments about CHPA faculty, staff and students are not permitted.  Speakers shall address the Board with decorum and not defame any Board members, faculty or staff of CHPA. Members of the public may also submit written communications to the Board on items on the agenda and/or speak to agenda items. Speakers will be given three minutes to address the Board. Generally, the Board members will not comment or respond except to ask for clarification.
If you would like to address the Board, please attend the Board meeting and complete a Public Comment card which are available the day of the Board meeting.  All Board meetings are conducted in the Cesar Chavez Academy Community Conference Room located at 2500 W. 18th Street.

Becoming a Member of the Board of Directors

As a member of the CHPA Board of Directors, you will help shape the course for CHPA. It is a satisfying position which requires time commitment and dedication to CHPA.

Angela Giron


Steven Trujillo


Matthew Garcia

Parent Representative

Nick Angiocchi

Vice President

Cecilia Trujillo


Joseph Garcia

Parent Representative

Ex Officio Members

Cheryl Gomez

Pueblo Community College Representative

Garrison Ortiz

Colorado State University-Pueblo Representative