Mariachi Águila

Mariachi Águila of Chávez Huerta Preparatory Academy is a full advanced Mariachi performance group made up of middle and high school students.  Part of the mission and vision of the Mariachi program is to instill and promote cultural and traditional Mariachi music.  Students, who choose to be a part of the program, take daily classes, which involve not only playing an instrument, but also learning music theory, linguistics and the history of the music that they are performing.  Mariachi Águila is a very active performing band. Some of its performances include: Performing at the Denver Capitol, Skysox Game, Latino Chamber Meetings, tour to Nebraska and Colorado, Mexican Folklorico dancers performances, overseas performances (Austria, Italy and Portugal), weddings, and other private celebrations

The Advanced Mariachi group is made up of the following:

Violins: Kyla Melton, Dana Escarcega and Brenda Grijalva 

Trumpet: Laila Gonzales and Eduardo Esquivel

Vihuela: Samuel Leon

Guitars: Lizbeth Esquibel 

Guitarron: Adrian Vargas and Zaira Rodriguez

Director: Jorge Melo

For contracts or hiring information please fill out the form or contact:

Mariachi Director: Jorge Melo 

 Tel. (719) 295-1623